You spend hours and hours sitting down, don’t you? Does your back hurt frequently? Do you have neck pains also? It is really important for your back to have a good body posture, so don’t let your office job to interfere with your health. Besides the physical problems, this can affect your way of working and your productivity. How you may ask. Well, it’s pretty simple. You can’t do your best while you are in pain, your brain will concentrate on the pain, so your focus will be divided.

WowBrandz is coming to save you by sharing with you a few tips you need to have in mind while shopping for an ergonomic office chair.


     1.    Depth of the chair

 The distance between the front to the back of the chair seat should allow you to keep your legs in a normal position. And the distance between the end of the seat and your knees should be between 3 to 4 inches while your back can also rest his back on the backrest of the chair. A good ergonomic office chair should let the user slide forward or backward in order to get to the right position described earlier.


      2.    Height of the chair

 The perfect height will allow you to have your thighs parallel to the floor while your feet create a 90°with the thighs and the floor so that the feet could stay in a foot rest. The chair height should be easy to manipulate in order to get to the wanted position.


      3.     Lumbar support

 This is the most sensitive subject when it comes to chairs, as back pain is one of the most frequent pain that affects people working in offices. The back should fit comfortably with the lumbar support, so the chair should come with lumbar adjustment so that you can properly fit your inward curve of the lower back. With the right back position, the brain is receiving good blood flow to work properly and the muscles receive enough oxygen in order to increase the blood flow for the brain.  


There are others things to consider when you want to buy an office chair, such as price, material, color, but those depend just on you so we will not tell you anything about that. But be careful as a good ergonomic chair is not enough to take care of you. Sitting down for hours, even in the best conditions can still affect you so try to do some exercise from time to time if you have the possibility. They are fun and the outcome of the exercises are incredible.